During every expedition we have made a documentary (with English subtitles), which is possible to buy on DVD for 10 US dollars + shipping (cca 3 $). In Prague I can free deliver DVD to the place of meeting according agreement, to save a shipping. Order by E-mail on address . 30 Minutes. DVD in Box.

Payment is possible by PayPal.



Documentary 30 min.


1)  Expedition to Mongolian Gobi desert in search for the Death Worm in 1992.




2)  Expedition to Australia in 2000 to solve a mystery of Black Mountain, where people disappeares, in search for allegedly extinct Thylacine –Tasmanian Tiger, and wild man yowie.




3) Expedition to Siberian taiga in Yakutia in 2006 in search for the feared Valley of Death with its mysterious cauldrons – strange metal structures left there by alien visitors.




4)  Expedition in 2009 to Brasilian Mato Grosso in search for The Lost City of Colonel Fawcett and for caves and entrences to the underground realm Agharti in Roncador Mountain.



Another documentary are in fabrication.


Danny Mackerle

Běchorská 2231, Praha 9, 193 00, Czech Republic, EU.

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