About expedition

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About expedition



9th of November 2007 till 22nd of November 2007



Ivan Mackerle, Danny Mackerle, Walter Pavliš, František Topol

Local guide and driver: Kula (Nimal Kulatunga)



Arrival by plane from India to Colombo (Airport in Negombo), then by van to Candy, Mahiyangana, Kota Bakinaya (direction Dambana), Maha Oya, Batticaloa, Kalmunai, Arugam Bay, Panama, Kudimbigala, back to Arugam Bay, Pottuvil, Lahugala, Villeavaya, Ella, Bambarakanda Falls (water falls), Colombo


The Aim:

1)      Nittaewo

-         To vizit natives Veda and obtain still unknown informations from them

-         To find the „nittaewo altar“ and make documentation of it

-         To find the cave, where nittaewos have been burnt to death, and look for their bones

-         To try photograph nittaewo


2)      Singing fishes of Batticaola

-         To gain last informations about this mystery

-         To record the sound of singing fishes on the tape recorder

-         To identify the source of mysterious sound by diver´s exploration under Kalady bridge




Danny Mackerle


Běchorská 2231, Praha 9, 193 00, Czech Republic, EU.

In case of malfunctioning of e-mail adress above, please contact on other e-mail: mackerledavid@gmail.com


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