A Gate to the Kingdom of Agharti?

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 With elektric torchs in our hands we are stumbling through the catacombs underneath the historical mining town of Jihlava in southern Bohemia. We turn into a long corridor that is at its very end bricked up and our guide through the underground maze announces: "So here we are. Now, I will turn off the torch and you will see for yourself." It takes us a few seconds before our eyes adjust to the absolute darkness and then we start noticing a greenish fluorescent light. My heart starts pounding with excitement. So it is really true! The mysterious light of the underground Kingdom of Agharti about which I have only read really exists! The greenish light is coming out of the walls and the ceiling all around us. Doubtingly I touch the walls but my fingers find only the cold and moist bricks. We pull out a sensitive light meter but the clocks do not even move. The light is too weak. Or are we only imagining this?


An illusion or a luminescence?

 Seeing green fluorescent light around objects and persons is typical for the experience of entering a non-ordinary reality, entering the world of ghosts and strange apparitions that exist behind the limits of our time and space - behind the barrier created by our brain that keeps us "safe" in our everyday life and protects us from the unknown. Those sightings maybe subjective feelings of the observers but they are definitely not individual hallucinations as they are wrongly being described by conventional psychiatry. The experience of encounters with other worlds can be also created intentionally, for example by mystical concentrations, shamans practices and magic rituals. However, they also appear spontaneously, usually at places of so called "windows" into the different realities, which means places that enable, for so far unexplained reasons, transitions into the altered state of conscience. Into this category fall most likely also the "paths into the underground Realm of Agharti" which is, according to ancient legends, lighted by some sort of greenish fluorescent light altering the flow of time. Agharti, however, is not a specific place under the surface of the Earth but a phenomena existing on a different dimension, on a different astral level. So a journey into the depths of the Earth could be also a journey into the depths of ourselves.

 When my friend speleologist told me that he knew about an underground corridor where the green light appears constantly and to everyone, I did not want to believe him at first. "We discovered it as little boys in the Jihlava catacombs," he told me. "It was a great adventure for us to be crawling through the old and half-buried corridors underneath the city. We found the lighting corridor by an accident because it was bricked up from both sides. We crawled in through a tiny hole and wanted to take our picture." I am passionately interested in mysteries connected to the underground Kingdom of Agharti so after learning this I immediately left for Jihlava.

 The Jihlava underground maze is very old and mentioned in many historical legends. Construction of the corridors began sometime in the 13. century when they were being used mainly as cellars, storage places and of course as a protection from an enemy. Almost all of the houses in the center of the town were under the ground connected and emergency exit corridors ended behind the defense walls of the city. During the redevelopment of the city during the 1960's some of the corridors were bricked up or filled with rubble and concrete so now we can only guess what mysteries they contain. The lighting corridor, however, is accessible until today so I wanted to find out whether the green fluorescent light was a physical occurrence or a subjective illusion. The mystery was that the walls of the corridor supposedly shone by itself and continuously without any source of energy. Various stories gave several explanations. Someone thought that the fluorescent light was coming out of the phosphorus from the bones of the monks buried above the corridor, others said it was due to bacterium, molds or mushrooms. They talked about radioactive stones, natural fluorescent mineral wilemit but none of that was true. The light is coming only out a white and soft material that is

coating the walls of the corridors at a length of about six meters. I found out that this material though does not glow all the time as they said but only after being lighted by another light. After that it shines for a long time even when the other light is off and its light weakens only very slowly. It completely dies out after about an hour. In another words, it is some sort of photoluminiscent material with an extremely long period of afterglow. A material with such characteristics does not exist naturally so it must have been produced artificially. I had the material analyzed at laboratory of the Prague University where they performed chemical analysis and roentgen structural analysis and found out that it was the luminescent color Leuchtgelb containing wurtzit (ZnS) which was manufactured by Germans during the World War II for the dials of German airplanes. But why did the Nazis paint with it six meters of an underground corridor?


Ghosts of dead monks

 The green light was then of a physical nature and had nothing to do with activating "the windows into the different reality" and with astral traveling. Therefore no paranormal occurrences should be taking place here. However, it is here where visitors to the catacombs reported encounters with strange apparitions. They describe some sort of shadows walking through the corridors and disappearing into the darkness or into the walls. The scary figures are usually short and resemble monks in cowls. They talk also about mysterious voices, echoes of footsteps or distant temple music. And it was not only individuals but whole groups of people who reported these sightings. These days some of the catacombs are open to public including the lighting part as they were paved and equipped with electric light for the tourists. The strangest place is at the beginning of that corridor. In the rock there is sort of a niche which resembles a Gothic gate. Psychics and dowsers describe the feel of strong energy floating across the corridor. Almost as if there was some sort of mirror concentrating energy at the mysterious entrance to the "world beyond", at the gate to the different reality. "It was as if I was touching an object with an electric current in it," said psychic Mary Löv. "I have never met with anything that sensitive in my work." In the darkness the niche creates a false feeling of an open space and some people claimed they saw beings walking there as if on guard. Also those mysterious shadows and ghosts most often come out this place and then return there.


Czech TV viewers were shocked

 My research did not go unnoticed by media and soon I was joined in my ghost chase by a Czech television station Nova. Nova reporter Stanislav Motl asked me for cooperation and so we found another witnesses and invited more psychics. To avoid influencing their judgment, we did not tell them anything specific about the local ghost appearances. Occultist Jenny Nowak used her favorite method for exploring the unknown - the automatic drawing. When in trance, she started drawing a picture and slowly she draw a being with a strange looking head and a lifted arm. The distrusting reporter was not satisfied. He wanted to see the ghost himself. He disregarded our warnings not to spend the night by the niche. He instead, to increase his chances, picked the Midsummers night as a magic time suitable for making contacts with the other side. He was walking with a camera and a hand-reflector through the underground and he was really experiencing strange things. Twice he managed to film a some sort of white cloud that very quickly disappeared in a side corridor. From the depths of the catacombs he once heard a slam of an iron gate and at 4:30 a.m. he saw a black shadow of a strange figure that had its arm elevated, an incredibly thin neck and was either wearing a helmet or had long hair cut straight. It looked very much like the drawing that Nowak had done earlier. The shadow moved around for some time and then it vanished. The always-ready reporter managed to film it.  

 A television documentary showing the strange shadow, ran in September 1997, and literally shocked all the viewers. Some believed that it was a ghost, others were convinced that it was a trick or a hoax. The reporter, who had never been before interested in any ghosts, was himself confused by his extraordinary experience. How did the shadow get there? The whole time he was alone in the underground. A reconstruction of the case carried out a month later ruled out the suspicion that it could have been his own shadow. That did not respond with the positioning of the lights or the shape of the shadow. During the reconstruction also all attempts to fake a similar shadow with a visible neck and such strange head failed.


The experiments of the Nazi occultists

 The television station was flooded with letters and phone calls from its viewers who were trying to help to find an explanation. There were even speculations about secret tests that Nazi occultists were supposed to be carrying out in the Jihlava catacombs during the World War II. At that time, the headquarters of Wehrmacht were located right above the lighting corridor and eyewitnesses claimed that they had seen there Tibetans in German uniforms. It would have been possible. Because only few people know that Adolf Hitler invested incredible amounts of money into occultist researches and "archaeological" expeditions trying to find the Arch of Covenant, Holy Grail, legendary magic book of Necronomicon and so on. To conclude the search, Hitler even set up a special Deutsche Ahnenerbe society and a special SS group of the Thule order. Members of this order, such as prof. Karl Haushoffer, Hitler, Himmler and other high-positioned Nazi officials, were searching for a connection with a civilization of "super-race" from the underground Kingdom of Agharti to learn to control the secret of Vril Power and that way to become the absolute masters of the world. For that purpose they were in touch with the Japanese secret occultist Green Dragon Society and with a mysterious Tibetan high lama nicknamed "the man in green gloves" who supposedly held the keys to Agharti. Himmler even created a special intelligence service for the supernatural that in the whole of Europe but mainly on the territory of Bohemia searched for folk tales about dwarfs, underground knights and superior beings living beneath the ground, and at the same time searched old mines and catacombs for the entrance to Agharti. Results of their research were strictly confidential and after the war vanished so now we can be only guessing what all had they discovered.

 The green color holds in connection with Agharti and in general practical magic a special meaning and maybe that by using the artificial green light German occultists were trying in the Jihlava catacombs to make a contact with beings from the invisible world. Who knows, whether they had not set off some, so far unknown, process that got out of control, functions until today and from time to time opens up the doors into the invisible world of underground apparitions.


A hidden chamber

 We of course continued our investigation of the mysterious niche in the lighting corridor. During the next experiment we used a color thermal imaging camera, which is successfully used for studying paranormal phenomena, and set against the place since appearances of phantoms are usually accompanied by changes of temperature without visible exterior causes. At 4:30 a.m., at about the same time when we managed to film the last ghost, the temperature in the niche dropped by 1.5oC for about six minutes. Then it returned to its original level.

 It was obvious that this place must have been somehow different from its surroundings. But what was it? The corridor was run right through a rock in the depth of 11 meters under the surface and a geological break was going right through the niche. We tried to see through the rock behind the niche with a geological radar and we were surprised. The radar discovered a symmetrical cubical shaped space, something like a hidden room or a staircase going somewhere down. That looked hopefully. We decided to drill into that space and then insert in the hole a special remotely controlled camera. What were we to find there? Skeletons of monks? Secret documents and objects left by the Nazis? Or something completely unexpected?

 When the drill bit into the rock, the corridor was cramped with cameramen, journalists and other curious crowd. No one from the present people could believe what happened afterwards. According to an absolutely clear record from the radar we should have broken into the hollow space after about the first half meter. Instead, the drill was in already two meters and still nothing. Three other test drill holes had the same result. It was a great disappointment but at the same time another mystery. What, for God sake, was happening in that special corridor marked by Germans by fluorescent lighting color? Not only people but also technology was seeing ghosts. The video camera caught a shadow of a person that does not exist. The geological radar recorded a mysterious room that did not exist either. May be that we had witnessed something similar to EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), which is a technology contact with the other side. However, instead of a usual recording of the voices of "ghosts" we happened to see a spontaneous projection of an illusional picture right into the video camera and into the recording device of the radar. Similar picture communication experiments were conducted by Klaus Schreiber who worked with the optical-electronically feed back system or by Kenneth Webster who experimented with his computer. Whether the picture originates in the unconscious of a human or whether it really comes from the other world remains a mystery.


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