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About expedition:


6th of September 2002 till 3d of October 2002 (by Air Plane to Colonia and then by car to Nan Madol)



Ivan Mackerle, Jiří Skupien, Danny Mackerle, Jaroslav Prokopec

Local guide: Walter Ringler


The main objectives:

 -   To explore the ruins of old city and find still sealed thombs and still    unknown chambers and underground passages conecting isles.

-    To dive and explore the ocean floor and search for the House of the Dead with platinum coffins with giants.

-    Spend a night in the ruins to verify the claims about the haunting.

The Curse of the Ruins of Nan Madol

01.08.2009 22:21

The Curse of the Ruins of Nan Madol

  Were Nan Madol within easy reach, it would be a paradise of mystery buffs and adventurers. Legend has it that the ruins of an ancient town of a mysterious civilization abound with uncharted underground corridors, tombs cradling the relics of giants, and dead kings' spirits. As it is, a...


Danny Mackerle


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