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10.July 1998 till 6.August 1998 (by Air plane from Prague via Paris to Antananarive and then by off road Mitsubichi Pajero 4x4)  



Ivan Mackerle, Jiří Skupien, Danny Mackerle, Jaroslav Prokopec

Guide and interpreter:

Pascal Guy (Malagasy living in Czech Republic)


Dada (Malagasy),



1. journey (North)

Antananarivo – Maevatanana – Mahajunga – (Ferry) – Mitsinjo - Ananalava – and back to Antananarivo (Total 1.920 km).

2. journey (South)

Antananarivo – Ampitatsarotra (bridge) - Ifandana (rock) – Ambavala – Ifandana – Ihosy – Tuleár – Androka – Reakaly – Ambovombe – Betroka –

Ihosy - and back to Antananarivo (Total 3.090 km)

Total together 5.010 km


The Objective:

To verify claims about the man-eating tree Tepe and to find it.

To search for the Elephant Bird Aepyornis

To colect informations about mythic creature – dwarf kalonuru

To take a part in tromba, extatic method for encountering with ghosts.


Danny Mackerle

Běchorská 2231, Praha 9, 193 00, Czech Republic, EU.

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