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01.08.2009 22:21

The Curse of the Ruins of Nan Madol

  Were Nan Madol within easy reach, it would be a paradise of mystery buffs and adventurers. Legend has it that the ruins of an ancient town of a mysterious civilization abound with uncharted underground corridors, tombs cradling the relics of giants, and dead kings' spirits. As it is, a...
01.08.2009 22:01

Mountain of the Death

  Mountain of the Death   Like an island in a sea of eucalyptus, a huge mass of dark boulders was protruding against the northern Australian sky. It was the Black Mountain, known to the Aborigines as "Kalkajaka", the most frightening and enigmatic place of northern Queensland, situated 16...
07.05.2009 10:30

About expedition

  About expedition   Date: 9th of November 2007 till 22nd of November 2007   Members: Ivan Mackerle, Danny Mackerle, Walter Pavliš, František Topol Local guide and driver: Kula (Nimal Kulatunga)   Route: Arrival by plane from India to Colombo (Airport in Negombo),...
23.03.2009 17:31

The Mystery of Prague´s Golem

                    The Mystery of Prague´s Golem  The metal doors engraved with the Star of David opened with difficulty. They creaked, as though unwilling to surrender their secret. With one hand, I...
23.03.2009 00:00

A Gate to the Kingdom of Agharti?

 With elektric torchs in our hands we are stumbling through the catacombs underneath the historical mining town of Jihlava in southern Bohemia. We turn into a long corridor that is at its very end bricked up and our guide through the underground maze announces: "So here we are. Now, I will...


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